About Us

About Us

Welcome to LightBOXVU

As the nation’s largest designer and decorative lighting brand, The Lightboxvu Company showcases the massive impact lighting has on interior design. Our products demonstrate how something like lighting can bring harmony to the entire look and feel of a space. Lighting can completely transform the mood of a room, if and only if you have the perfect products and designs in place.

Our Vision & Mission

To bring the international lifestyle experience to Indian markets, at Indian prices.
To enable Indian consumers to live a more sophisticated lifestyle with the best options in home and commercial lighting.
To change the way India sees designer and decorative lighting.
To provide an extensive range of lighting and decorative solutions that level up India’s interior design game.
To maintain control of every aspect of our products — from designing and manufacturing to retailing and delivering — making us India’s only direct-to-consumer designer and decorative lighting brand.
To hold Quality, Innovation, Exclusivity, and Service as the four pillars of our identity.
To provide a product selection that covers every design for every room of the home, office, restaurant or hotel.

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